Indian polity and constitution MCQ bits part - 1

  1. Central Information Commission (CIC) is established by the central government under the:
    a. Right to Information ACT, 2006
    b. Right to Information ACT, 2005
    c. Right to Information ACT, 2002
    d. Central Information Commission Act,2005
    Ans: b

  2. Who have the power to remove Central Vigilance Commissioner and other Vigilance commissioners?
    a. President & Supreme Court
    b. Chief Justice of Supreme Court
    c. President on the recommendation of Election Commission.
    D. Prime Minister, Home Minister and Chief Justice of India
    Ans: a

  3. Who appoints the Central Vigilance Commissioner?
    (a) President
    (b) President, after obtaining the recommendation from a committee consist of Prime Minister of India, Home Minister and Leader of opposition
    © Prime Minister, Home Minister and Chief Justice of India
    (d) President, after having consultation with Chief election Commissioner of India
    Ans: b.

  4. In which year, the Government of India had set up the Sarkaria Commission on Centre-State relations?
    Ana: c

  5. Which of the following states is not included in the sixth schedule of Indian Constitution?
    a. Meghalaya
    b. Tripura
    c. Maharashtra
    d. Manipur
    Ans: D

  6. 73rd Amendment of the Constitution of India, is related to which among the following?
    a. Townships
    b. Panchayats
    c. Municipalities
    d. District Boards
    Ans: b

7.Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with its amendment?
a. Part XX
b. Part VIII
c. Part XIII
d Part XIX
Answer: a

8.The reports of the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India relating to the accounts of the States are submitted to which among the following?
a. The President
b. The Governor
c. The Parliament
d. The Chief Minister
Ans: b

9.Which of the following is not a function of the Chief Secretary of state?
a. To exercise control over the whole Secretariat
b. To advise the Chief Minister on all matters related to administration
c. To act as a spokesman of the State Government
d. To report to Union Home Minister regarding affairs of the state
Ans: d

10.New All India services can be initiated in India only if the following makes a recommendation?
a. President
b. Rajya sabha
c. Lok sabha
d. Council of ministers
Ans: b

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