Indian polity and constitution bits part-4

  1. Which of the following commission was appointed by the Central Government on Union-State relations in 1983?
    a. Sarkariya commission
    b. Dutt commission
    c. Setalvad commission
    d. Rajamannar commission

  2. Which of the following taxes are levied by the Union government but collected and appropriated by the states?
    a. Stamp duties
    b. Excise duties on medical and toilet materials
    c. Sales tax
    d. a and b

  3. Which of the following taxes are imposed and collected by the state government?
    a. Estate duty
    b. Sales tax
    c. Land revenue
    d. All the above

  4. Which of the following tax is levied and collected by the Union government but the proceeds are distributed between the Union and states?
    a. Sales tax
    b. Income tax
    c. Estate duty
    d. Land revenue

  5. Which of the following duty is levied and collected by the Union government?
    a. Custom duty
    b. Excise duty
    c. Estate duty
    d. All the above

  6. Which of the article deals with the grants in aid by the Union government to the states?
    a. Article 270
    b. Article 280
    c. Article 275
    d. Article 265

  7. Which of the following article deals with the election of the Vice-president?
    a. Article 64
    b. Article 68
    c. Article 66
    d. Article 62

  8. Who can remove the Vice-President from his office?
    a. President
    b. Prime minister
    c. Parliament
    d. Legislative assemblies of the state

  9. The term of office of the Vice-president is as follows?
    a. 6 years
    b. 4 years
    c. 7 years
    d. 5 years

  10. The Vice-President is the Ex-Officio Chairman of the_____?
    a. Rajya Sabha
    b. Lok Sabha
    c. Planning Commission
    d. National Development Council

Correct Answers:

  1. a
  2. d
  3. d
  4. b
  5. d
  6. c
  7. c
  8. c
  9. d
  10. a