Do You Have Few Interview Preparation Tips for a Fresher/Graduate

You can find many things about your career

Interview preparation tips for freshers (campus placements):

  1. Faculty will provide basic knowledge about the company, products & services and what they are expecting from the freshers.
    A) Do basic research about the company.
    B) Know detail information about the role.
    C) Interact with the seniors about the role & know the technical aspects of it.
    D) Know basic interview questions ABOUT YOU.
    E) Don’t skip grooming sessions at your campus i.e. the only platform to do mistakes while learning.

Advanced tips:

  1. Brush your communication which will help in JAM & GD rounds (focus on latest topics).
  2. Select a topic & start speaking on it by placing a mirror infront of you.
  3. Atleast daily for an hour work on aptitude.
  4. Watch YouTube videos & attend free exercise session on online.
  5. Read newspaper or novels or english books which you like.