Banking Awareness bits part-3

  1. The practice of providing loans to unrelated individuals withoutgoing through the conventional channel of banks or any financialorganization is known as –
    1)P2B Lending
    2)P2P Lending
    3)B2B Lending
    4)B2S Lending
    5)Other than those given in options

  2. Maximum loan amount that can be provided against shares ordebentures of any company is-
    1)Rs 10 lakhs
    2)Rs 1 lakhs
    3)Rs 2 lakhs
    4)Rs 5 lakhs
    5)Other than those given in options

  3. The interest rates on banks’ contribution to Rural InfrastructureDevelopment Fund should be fixed by ________.
    1)Ministry of Finance
    2)National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
    3)Ministry of Rural Development
    4)Reserve Bank of India
    5)Individual Banks

  4. An account of a bank holds with another bank in a foreign country in theforeign currency is known as ________
    1)NRO Account
    2)NOSTRO Account
    3)NRE Account
    4)VOSTRO Account
    5)NRO Account

  5. Which bank has waived the transaction charges of IMPS, NEFT andRTGS recently?
    1)Canara Bank
    2)Kotak Mahindra Bank
    3)State Bank of India
    4)HDFC Bank
    5)South Indian Bank

  6. Recently, the Reserve Bank of India has barred ________ from charging pre-payment penalties or foreclosure charges.
    1)Mutual Fund Companies
    2)Payment Banks
    3)Co-Operative Bank
    4)Non-Banking Finance Companies
    5)Small Finance Banks

  7. Who among the following cannot make a deposit in the GoldMonetization Scheme?
    1)Central Government
    2)State Government
    3)Non-Resident Indians
    4)Charitable Institutions
    5)Both (3) and (4)

  8. MIBID is used to be calculated every day by which of the following organizations?
    1)National Stock Exchange
    2)Shanghai Stock Exchange
    3)Bombay Stock Exchange
    4)New York Stock Exchange
    5)London Stock Exchange

  9. The authorized capital of General insurance corporation of India is_____.
    1)Rs 2000 crores
    2)Rs 500 crores
    3)Rs 1000 Crores
    4)Rs 2000 Crores
    5)Rs 3000 Crores

  10. What is the full form of “EMI” frequently used term in banking operations?
    1)Equal Monthly Interest
    2)Equally Money Instalment
    3)Equated Money Instalment
    4)Equated Monthly Interest
    5)Equated Monthly Instalment

Correct Answers:

  1. 2
  2. 1
  3. 4
  4. 2
  5. 3
  6. 4
  7. 3
  8. 1
  9. 3
  10. 5